Sunday’s Pot Roast Dinner

Hey my loves,

Do you look forward to relaxing on Sundays and eating a good home cooked meal with your loves? I sure do! Something about Sunday dinners brings me back to my childhood of my mother cooking this huge, delicious meal for us. It was always my favorite meal for that week (lol), no matter what she cooked! There was just something magical about what she would choose to cook for us on Sundays and how she did it with so much love that made it so special. So as a mother and grandmother I try to do the same for my loves.

One of my favorite meals to cook on a chilly fall day here in Florida that makes me feel like I am eating one of my mothers Sundays recipe, is a pot roast with onion, carrots and potatoes.

I buy a good quality, clean chuck roast. I rub olive oil, sea salt and ground black pepper all over the roast. I brown it on both sides, then I began on the gravy by adding 2TBS of butter and 2 TBS of flour on medium low heat for couple minutes. Then I add a box of beef stock to cover the roast completely. Cover the pan with lid and put in oven for an hour, add onions, potatoes and carrots. Cook until your desire of tenderness.

So on your next chilly Sunday, I hope you try this simple but delicious pot roast meal. And if you decide to cook this recipe, I hope it brings you to a comfy and happy place as it does for me.

With Love, Catherine

P.S. I like to season each step as I add the ingredients to the pot!

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