Beef Tips and Rice

Hey my loves,

I should call this recipe “Austin’s Beef Tips and Rice”. He’s my oldest son, and when he was a little boy he would always ask for this meal. Still now at 29, he still does and this mama always does happily when he comes home!

It’s a very easy recipe with lots of flavor! First, I start by browning my beef (any beef you chose will work, I usually buy eye of round steak roast). Next, I remove the beef from pan and saute my red pepper, red onion and garlic. Then, I deglaze with red wine, (you know the wine you are sipping on) or beef stock. Now here comes the rue… a little flour, butter and stir for couple of minutes then I pour 1 box of beef stock in pan and let everything marinate together on medium low heat. Now, I put the star of the show back in,(beef)  so all that yumminess can come together to create a delicious meal for your loves. Simmer for about 30 minutes or so. (until the beef is nice and tender).            


While the beef is cooking, I cook the rice. And, I always like to have a nice green veggie for a side dish. This time I chose asparagus. I roasted them till tender and a little crispy. As soon as I take  the asparagus out of the oven, I drizzle melted butter and fresh lemon juice over the asparagus to give it just a little more flavor. Add a little sea salt and pepper to taste. Perfectly tasty asparagus that pairs well with the beef tips over rice!

I hope you try this recipe for one of your loves! And, if you do let me know how they or yourself liked it.

With Love, Catherine

P.S. I like to cook any of my meals like this recipe, in a covered iron skillet!