Ox Tail Soup

Hey my loves,

I wasn’t planning on sharing this recipe just yet, more like early October. But I live in Florida and we are preparing for hurricane Dorian! So this is one of my go to soups for this type of situation. It has a huge taste of warmth and calmness about it and that is exactly what we need while we wait out this storm!

So if you are in need of a soup to comfort your soul, you should try this delicious ox tail recipe.

with love, Catherine

p.s. serve it with a slice of homemade cornbread

  • ingredients
  • ox tail
  • beef stew
  • whole tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • onion
  • corn
  • beef stock
  • salt/pepper

I start by browning the ox tails, beef stew and onion for 30 minutes on medium heat. Add the crushed tomatoes, water or beef stock. Cover with water/beef stock and cook for another 30 minutes. And now this is when it all starts getting yummy… add the carrots, green beans and corn let cook on medium heat for another 20 minutes then add your potatoes. Cook on low for 30 minutes or until your desire of tenderness. I always salt and pepper each layer when I make soup. Enjoy

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