Taste of Tuscany

  Hello my Loves,

I’m very excited to share with you this amazing dish that I call Taste of Tuscany. It truly brings me back to my trip in Tuscany. It is fresh, simple but full of great flavors.

One of my favorite memories while in Tuscany was walking the cobblestone streets and taking in the colossal beauty the quaint town had to offer. While traveling through the beautiful rolling hills, I was in search of the perfect place to get a bite to eat.

When I returned home and reminisced of my trip of Tuscany, my thoughts always brought me to these simple ingredients to take me back to the hills of Tuscany.

And, if you decide to make this recipe I truly hope it brings you to Tuscany as it does for me.

with love, Catherine

p.s. while cooking this dish have a glass of Tuscany wine, play some nice Italian music and a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table

  • ingredients :
  • olive oil
  • fresh tomatoes
  • whole garlic
  • basil
  • parmasan cheese
  • fresh pasta

I start by by scoring my tomatoes and then blanching them until the peelings start coming off, (about 5 minutes of boiling) let the tomatoes cool and remove all the peelings! Place the skinless tomatoes in a iron skillet then add olive oil, chopped garlic, basil salt and pepper to taste, let simmer for about 30 minutes so all the fresh ingredients can marinate together. Cook your pasta and grade the cheese. When everything is finished plate the tomatoes sauce over your pasta and top it with cheese and a little drizzle of olive oil! Chow

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