Simple Herb and Butter Roasted Turkey

Hey my loves,

I’m sure you are not wanting to talk turkey so soon after Thanksgiving! But, I couldn’t help myself to hurry up and share my taste on roasting a turkey with my loves.

One of my fondest memories of my sweet mother during the holidays, was her cooking up the largest turkey she could find to feed a lot of people! Her turkey was simple but always moist and so, so yummy!

A few years back, I started cooking the turkey for our huge family holiday gatherings. No pressure on me lol, coming from my mother which was known for the best cook ever! Most importantly I did not  want to let her down. Enjoying her turkey so much I wanted to roast the turkey pretty much like hers, but with my own taste! I prefer a clean, fresh turkey. And, like my mother, I buy a pretty big turkey  (22 lbs or so). I use only fresh ingredients: chicken stock, onion, garlic, lemon or 2, sage, rosemary, butter, sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.

I soften the butter and finely chop up half the ingredients to add to the butter, then I like to squeeze lemon into mixture. I rub the butter mixture all over and under the skin of the turkey. The extra lemon, onion, garlic and the rest of the fresh ingredients I put inside the turkey. I pour a couple of cups of chicken stock into the roasting pan and then I place the turkey in the pan. Now the turkey is ready to go into a pre heated oven at 450* for an hour. Then I turn temperature down to 325* until done.

My sweet mother always gave me her approval on my turkey, which made me feel  proud coming from the best cook ever, to me!

It’s such a simple recipe with abundance of flavors that will never leave you or your loves disappointed.

                                                   with love, Catherine

P.S. I only cover the turkey when I turn temperature down and I like to baste the turkey every 30 minutes to keep it moist.

Sunday’s Pot Roast Dinner

Hey my loves,

Do you look forward to relaxing on Sundays and eating a good home cooked meal with your loves? I sure do! Something about Sunday dinners brings me back to my childhood of my mother cooking this huge, delicious meal for us. It was always my favorite meal for that week (lol), no matter what she cooked! There was just something magical about what she would choose to cook for us on Sundays and how she did it with so much love that made it so special. So as a mother and grandmother I try to do the same for my loves.

One of my favorite meals to cook on a chilly fall day here in Florida that makes me feel like I am eating one of my mothers Sundays recipe, is a pot roast with onion, carrots and potatoes.

I buy a good quality, clean chuck roast. I rub olive oil, sea salt and ground black pepper all over the roast. I brown it on both sides, then I began on the gravy by adding 2TBS of butter and 2 TBS of flour on medium low heat for couple minutes. Then I add a box of beef stock to cover the roast completely. Cover the pan with lid and put in oven for an hour, add onions, potatoes and carrots. Cook until your desire of tenderness.

So on your next chilly Sunday, I hope you try this simple but delicious pot roast meal. And if you decide to cook this recipe, I hope it brings you to a comfy and happy place as it does for me.

With Love, Catherine

P.S. I like to season each step as I add the ingredients to the pot!

Beef Tips and Rice

Hey my loves,

I should call this recipe “Austin’s Beef Tips and Rice”. He’s my oldest son, and when he was a little boy he would always ask for this meal. Still now at 29, he still does and this mama always does happily when he comes home!

It’s a very easy recipe with lots of flavor! First, I start by browning my beef (any beef you chose will work, I usually buy eye of round steak roast). Next, I remove the beef from pan and saute my red pepper, red onion and garlic. Then, I deglaze with red wine, (you know the wine you are sipping on) or beef stock. Now here comes the rue… a little flour, butter and stir for couple of minutes then I pour 1 box of beef stock in pan and let everything marinate together on medium low heat. Now, I put the star of the show back in,(beef)  so all that yumminess can come together to create a delicious meal for your loves. Simmer for about 30 minutes or so. (until the beef is nice and tender).            


While the beef is cooking, I cook the rice. And, I always like to have a nice green veggie for a side dish. This time I chose asparagus. I roasted them till tender and a little crispy. As soon as I take  the asparagus out of the oven, I drizzle melted butter and fresh lemon juice over the asparagus to give it just a little more flavor. Add a little sea salt and pepper to taste. Perfectly tasty asparagus that pairs well with the beef tips over rice!

I hope you try this recipe for one of your loves! And, if you do let me know how they or yourself liked it.

With Love, Catherine

P.S. I like to cook any of my meals like this recipe, in a covered iron skillet!

Napa Girls Trip

Hey my loves,

Have you ever been to Napa Valley or dreamed of going? I have and I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite girls trip ever! I have always wanted to go to Napa but was waiting for the perfect group of girls to go with. And here we are… myself, daughter, daughter in law and my other two sons girlfriends. We went for a four day (long weekend) trip and we wanted to make every minute count, while not over doing it! We chose to stay at an Air B&B right in the heart of downtown Napa. Great choice, but, honestly anywhere you decide to stay in the breath taking country side or in one of the quaint towns of Sonoma Region will be a perfect stay. It’s all within a 45 minute drive with spectacular views everywhere you go. So don’t over think too much on trying to find the perfect place to stay.


We had chose 3 vineyards to get our wine tasting Sonoma experience. Domaine Carneros, Elizabeth Spencer, and Castello di Amorosa Castle. They were all fabulous! With each having their own charisma! It was nice scheduling them at different days so we wouldn’t get too tipsy but… what happens in Sonoma on a girls trip stays in Sonoma, right? It was fun tasting and learning all the varieties of wine from this gorgeous region. If I had to choose, my favorite experience was at Elizabeth Spencer’s Rose’ Party! Rose’ all Day was perfect for us girls. Nothing better than Rose’, delish food, and great people! Girls trips can’t go wrong with those 3 combinations!There is much more to do in the area than just sip on wine (like eating), if you can get yourself away from all that good wine tasting. Which is hard to do,  I mean it is Napa Valley! But, if you are a foodie like myself, you will not be disappointed at all! Everywhere we chose to eat, if it was a hamburger joint or a 5 star restaurant, the food was unforgettable! As I like to say, it tasted like farm to table, my favorite kind of food!

We were so excited to go on the hot air air balloon ride, unfortunately  due to the extreme foggy weather they had to cancel. We didn’t get to check that off our trip but its giving us another reason to go back! Once the weather cleared up, we were on the road in search for more adventure that this beautiful region had to offer us on our last day there. We found some of the local mom and pop shops, local artist show casing their beautiful work and quirky little shops. It was a great, carefree way to spend our last day here in one of the most prestigious place I have been.

I can honestly say, Napa Valley treated us well. Hospitality, great food and all that delicious wine! Definitely will be doing another girls trip there and I’m thinking sooner than later!

                   With Love, Catherine

P.S. when traveling, make sure you don’t over book yourself. Take the time to smell the flowers or in wine country, sip an extra glass of wine!

Early Turkey Dinner

Hello My Loves,

I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but what is a lady supposed to do when craving Thanksgiving Dinner? That’s right! Cook a smaller version to get me through until Thanksgiving.

Instead of a whole turkey, I cooked a fresh turkey breast as I would cook a whole fresh turkey for our Thanksgiving Dinner. I rubbed olive oil/butter, fresh garlic, rosemary, lemon, salt and pepper all over the breast (even under the skin to give it as much seasoning) to make sure it tasted just like a Thanksgiving turkey. 

 With all the flavorful drippings from the turkey pan, I made my homemade gravy! So good and it really wouldn’t be complete if I had no gravy!

I wanted to keep it simple with the sides as well, so I roasted a few celebration blend potatoes with garlic and rosemary (that I had extra from my turkey breast). Sauteed fresh cabbage and onions together. I absolutely enjoy these veggies paired together.

This is an easy meal to cook anytime you have a craving for a Thanksgiving Dinner.

With Love, Catherine

P.S. Make sure you let your turkey come to room temperature, so it will cook evenly perfect for you!

Ireland Girls Trip

Hey my loves,

I am back home from a beautiful two week trip in Ireland. It was everything I was hoping for and more! I am excited to share with my loves about my experience. From driving, eating and just enjoying all that Ireland had to offer me.

My friend of 40 years and I decided to rent a car and venture out on our own to see all of Irelands beauty. And oh my, it was more intense than I thought it would be to drive on the left side of the road, while driving in the right side of the vehicle! My first thought as I was driving so cautiously was what was I thinking… I just kept going and telling myself what my dad had told me plenty of times, I can do it! Our 4 hour trip turned into a 6 hour trip to our first destination due to so many wrong turns off their roundabouts (lol it started getting a little humorous to us!). When we finally arrived at our B&B deBarra Lodge in Rosscarberry, I remember taking a deep breath and thanking sweet Jesus. We made it through our first day driving in Ireland!

Waking up the next morning feeling refreshed, I was ready to start our journey to explore Southern Ireland. Our fabulous host, Sinead, offered us a full Irish breakfast or her fresh baked goods (my favorite was the baked goods!). She gave us some really great points to visit and do’s and don’ts of driving in Ireland, which helped me tremendously. After a nice breakfast (her delish scones with fresh jam) and getting some helpful ideas we decided to head out to enjoy our true first day of sight seeing. Still feeling a little tense but was determined I was not going to let anything stop me from enjoying my trip. And I did just that! Driving to the most southern point of Ireland Crookhaven, Maxine Head and Barley Cove was absolutely some of the most breath taking scenery I had ever seen. In the country hilly side, we would stop to look at little picturesque villages and eat their famous fish and chips, fish pie or their Guinness beef Stew. The flavors were magical. Southern Ireland was the perfect way to introduce me to their beautiful Island. 

With a little nervousness, but feeling more confident, I was ready to drive to our next destination: The Atlantic Wild Way. We headed out early, in hopes of arriving at our next B&B before dark. It was taking us a little longer due to the rain and the roads getting smaller as we got closer to the Atlantic! We finally arrived early evening, hungry and tired at RossRoe B&B in Cashel. Greeted. with great hospitality by Sylvain, our host, he graciously made us feel at home. One of the best parts for me staying there was that upon reservation they will cook for you, and although we had no reservations Sylvain still cooked us up a delicious meal. It was a great way for us to end our tiresome day.

After our breakfast Sylvain had prepared for us, we were ready to explore the Wild Atlantic Way that I had read and heard so much about! As I was driving on this one lane country road, I could not believe the views that were surrounding me… absolutely gorgeous! I was truly enjoying this beautiful place called Ireland even more. We treated ourselves to horseback riding on the beach, walked through some of the most amazing villages in the Connemara area and the beautiful beaches in our four nights stay in this area. But, our time has come for us to leave this beautiful place and head out to our next adventure in Northern Ireland.


The drive to our next stay went well! Wider roads, weather was good and not that long of a drive and probably feeling more confident on driving made it easier too. Arriving late afternoon we were greeted by the owners of Spice Cottages in Dungannon,  a self catering place. An ideal place to end our last four nights. Excited to see what it had to offer us, we headed out for our first day to the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. The  views were just stunning! Our next couple of days were relaxing just enjoying all the surrounding villages and sight seeing. Yes, we had to stop and let the sheep pass by.  I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie!  As much as I didn’t want our Ireland vacay to come to an end, I was ready to be with my loves back home.

 Packed up and ready to drop the rental car off I was feeling anxious! What a relief though, the rental place made it so easy and fast we were in and out…. Wow! what a relief I felt and I couldn’t believe I just drove two weeks in Ireland. None the less,  I did it, and have the upmost confidence and faith you will be able to as well! Just remember to tell yourself: I can do this! The rest, as they say is history!  Just soak all the views in and make sure to indulge yourself with all the amazing dishes they have to offer.

                                                   With Love, Catherine

 P.S. If you are planning a trip to Ireland drop me a line, I would enjoy helping you plan your amazing trip!



Sweet Lillies Fried Bread

Hello my my loves,

Well sweet Lillie is my mother and yes this is her recipe that she would always cook for us all the time because we loved it, no matter what she paired it with.

My favorite way of eating this delicious fried bread is with a fried egg and homemade jam smothered on it. Yum…Just by writing about this recipe brings me back to my childhood watching my sweet mother frying up this simple but amazing bread.

If you decide to try this recipe, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. If you would like to know other dishes to pair it with let me know.

with love, Catherine

p.s. Enjoy it Lillie style, pour your drink in a mason jar with a pretty cloth napkin on your lap

  • ingredients
  • water
  • oil
  • flour

This is a really easy recipe. It’s all about the consistency of water to flour. So lets get started by adding a little room temperature water to flour until the flour becomes sticky. Spread flour on surface and spoon out dough and flatten each out. In a iron skillet add enough oil to cover bottom of skillet on medium heat. Place dough into skillet, brown on each side and you have yourself a delicious piece of bread.

One of the funnest experience in NYC that I have done, is walking the Brooklyn Bridge. . Can’t wait to go back!

Ox Tail Soup

Hey my loves,

I wasn’t planning on sharing this recipe just yet, more like early October. But I live in Florida and we are preparing for hurricane Dorian! So this is one of my go to soups for this type of situation. It has a huge taste of warmth and calmness about it and that is exactly what we need while we wait out this storm!

So if you are in need of a soup to comfort your soul, you should try this delicious ox tail recipe.

with love, Catherine

p.s. serve it with a slice of homemade cornbread

  • ingredients
  • ox tail
  • beef stew
  • whole tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • onion
  • corn
  • beef stock
  • salt/pepper

I start by browning the ox tails, beef stew and onion for 30 minutes on medium heat. Add the crushed tomatoes, water or beef stock. Cover with water/beef stock and cook for another 30 minutes. And now this is when it all starts getting yummy… add the carrots, green beans and corn let cook on medium heat for another 20 minutes then add your potatoes. Cook on low for 30 minutes or until your desire of tenderness. I always salt and pepper each layer when I make soup. Enjoy