Catherine Renee

My name is Catherine and I want to share with my loves where my passions for food, travel and fashion comes from.

My roots run deep as the daughter of farmers and owners of local fresh produce markets. My mama always had a fresh homemade meal cooking. There’s just something about cooking with fresh ingredients and a homemade cooked meal that brings me back to my roots.

As a little girl I would play in my mother’s little white heels and put on her red lipstick and pretend I was Farrah Fawcett. Just a few of my mama’s glam items truly inspired my love for fashion.

The love of traveling stemmed from me riding along the side of my daddy going to different states to buy fresh produce when our season was over. At an early age I had that desire of what else was out there in this amazing world we live in.

So this southern lady can not wait to share her taste on food, fashion and travel from around the world.

                                                          with love, Catherine

3 thoughts on “Catherine Renee

  1. Love your blog, the recipes and I always love the fry bread 💙 such sweet memories..the description and details of your travels made me feel as if I were there with you lol what a blessing to be able to experience so much. I’ve always loved fashion as well we really have so much in common 😊 Love you and thanks for sharing…

  2. I love reading your little short stories from the travel to your food. They are very good. 😘
    I must say though that you sharing the wonderful memories that you remember of our childhood Are my favorites. It brings me back to a place that where I start to think back on those special moments that have captured our hearts and minds. My memories are similar , the rides with dad looking for the produce and those cooking lessons with mom !! Wow, they will never be forgotten But mostly will be forever cherished. I Love you and Keep up the great work sister💕💕 well I know this isn’t work for you it’s your passions ❣️❣️ So keep up your passions 💕💕

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